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Alla + Sasha | Wedding | Manhattan Penthouse | NYC

Surrounded by the view of Manhattan rooftops, Alla & Sasha got married in a very private, family only, ceremony.  It was short, sweet and to the point :).
We loved their huppah, which was painted by their family!  They also had the most adorable flower girls, who we loved chasing around and photographing throughout the day 🙂

Alla & Sasha share a lot of mutual friends with us, so going to their wedding and seeing so many beautiful and familiar faces was a joy – we certainly felt like we were truly a part of the day and got to not only capture the fun, but be a part of it!!!

One of the flower girls was soooo fascinated by the high heels – wonder how long it will take her to steal a pair from mom? 😉

A bit stereotypical but … Russian weddings just HAVE to have some vodka 🙂

Some folks start practicing their couple dances early! … by the time Prom rolls around, they will be pros 😉

One of the highlights of this specific crowd is a tradition they have for milestone events.  Friends and family write a little satirical show, and put on a performance – in Russian called “Kapustnik” which showcases the relationship in a very humorous way, basically making borderline brutal fun of the happy couple 🙂 – I still wish I had an audio recording of that – it was hysterically funny 🙂

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