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Daniela | Portraits | Greenpoint, NY

Dani is an old friend of ours and she just turned … lets say 20 ( never a safe subject to mention with ladies 🙂 ) So this shoot was a small present for her birthday… The most amazing thing about Dani is that despite how beautiful she looks, she is actually more beautiful on…

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Latt Shahril Mansor | Portrait | Soho, NYC

I briefly met Latt when he studied at Columbia University a couple of years ago and since then he moved on to Oxford to pursue a PhD degree.  As a result, he comes to NYC only rarely.  So I was very excited when, before his recent trip to NYC, he contacted me to see if…

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Olesya | Portraits | NYC

You might remember Olesya from the photos of her recent wedding. Here are a few more casual portraits taken a couple of weeks after her wedding. Olesya is so ridiculously photogenic that it is hard to take a bad photo of her !!!  Since we got a bit unlucky with the weather, we had to…

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