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Diana + Kevin | Wedding | Fox Hollow, Long Island, NY

Diana and Kevin got married 3 days before Christmas (lucky Kevin – he will probably never forget his anniversary date 🙂 )

Fox Hollow was such a great venue.  The property includes a gorgeous Fox Hollow Inn and a wedding venue that are a minute away from each other, but yet separated.  Best of both worlds, plus super convenient for Diana and Kevin, all their out of town guests and their photographer 😉 – Loved having the wedding and the reception being a minute away.

Diana and Kevin’s wonderful personalities shine through in the photos and I so enjoyed how much Diana loved the camera lens and how it loved her back.  Thanks so much to both of you for having me there!  It was a beautiful winter wedding, with amazing people and a perfect ending to 2013!!!  Stay tuned for the annual Recap of all the wonderful weddings and memories.  You will definitely be seeing an image (or several) of these two again in a few days!  Enjoy.


I loved the various Christmas lights Fox Hallow had all over their property. 620A1353620A1398

The shot behind the frosted glass was done right at the hotel’s bar and according to the bartender it was the first time he saw anyone do that – so as far as I am concerned I get extra points for creativity 🙂 620A1409620A1455620A1457620A1473620A1566620A1577620A1341620A1649620A1683620A1744

Love what kids manage to do at weddings … and the images they allow me to capture 😉
620A1763IMG_0387620A1908620A2006IMG_0403620A2037620A2149620A2158620A2175620A2208620A2219620A2233620A2443620A2416620A2503620A2884620A2921620A2952620A3328IMG_0768 620A3100620A3238


If you have not seen Diana’s and Kevin’s Engagement Photos here they are.

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