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Emily + Shir | Wedding | COSM Wappinger, New York

All weddings usually make us stop and think about just how lucky we are to witness the coming together of two people in love. Two people, who are willing to give this thing called marriage, which thrives on commitment, patience and understanding of imperfection – a chance.  Because after all, when we get married we all take a chance.  And then, there are weddings where the energy of not just the couple, but of their entire community of family and friends is so powerful that you forget chance and see necessity.  Necessity for ceremonies such as the one Emily and Shir had at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappinger, NY about two weeks ago.  Necessity for tradition that is personified and doesn’t discriminate and necessity for reflection and celebration, without disillusion.  In so many words – there are those weddings that make one realize or remember what marriage really is and what it really should be about!

Emily and Shir’s wedding was such a fantastic event, with so many parts to it – each essential to their day and their story, that the following blog post will include a few “sections” in effort to tell that story as best we can.  Despite the length of this blog post (very long :)!) its impossible to show everything, so here are some reasons why we think this day and these two are pretty darn special:

  • Emily is a dancer and Shir a musician.  A great part of their friends and family are involved in music, dance and art… need we say more?!!
  • During the Shabbat Kallah and the Tisch, where Emily and Shir were greeted by their community, the air was filled with so much positive and happy energy, that it was almost electrifying and Natalia and I had smiles on our faces the whole time!
  • The ceremony incorporated blessings, prayers, readings and music that were incredibly heartfelt and spiritually charged!
  • The vows!!!  The combination of Emily’s spoken vows and Shir’s song gave such a strong glimpse into the relationship of these two people.  Probably the most personal vows we have witnessed to date.
  • One of our favorite moments of the ceremony was the acknowledgement by Emily and Shir of the fact that their cup of joy is not quite as full, knowing that the world has yet to extend marriage rights to all couples.
  • And then there was dancing – lots and lots of dancing (including some “belly” dancing ;)) – and beautiful speeches, singing, toasting and then … MORE dancing …

Emily and Shir – we so thoroughly and tremendously enjoyed your special day – thank you!  We wish you two dance through your life together in the most fulfilling and adventurous ways.   And now finally … on to the photos …







Tisch / Shabat Kallah





Escape from the ceremony (Yihud) 🙂 🙂


Cocktail hour – with dancing and the Horah 🙂







More Dancing !!!


And here is the proof that Emily can boogie even with her belly 🙂


Goofing around 🙂


  • Sue Ann Peck

    You captured the essence of a unique and unforgettable wedding!
    Thanks, Alex & Natalia.ReplyCancel

  • Tamar Pelleg

    Thank you for sharing, what a beautiful and happy event, I was able to feel the energy through the pictures.
    Mazal Tov and love

  • Beautiful, sitting here in the perennial garden in Mt Airy wishing you sustainable love, healthy selves and healthy babies, good parnassah and mazel tov.ReplyCancel

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  • I enjoyed watching those pictures! Was able to experience the love and simcha through the pictures, as if I was there!ReplyCancel