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Favorite shots of 2010

2010 was a very exciting year for us!  This was the first full year that I spent as a full time photographer.  It was a year when I learned a lot about the art of photography but even more about the business of photography.  And while I hope to never stop learning more about the art – I do hope that the sharpest part in the learning curve about the business side is behind us (but I am probably just fantasizing :)..because we hear it never stops!).

This was also the year when my wife got sucked into the addictive art of photography and spent a little too much time helping me edit and design.  So for both of us, 2011 is going to be not only about continuing to grow our businesses (Natalia started a music school a little over a year ago) but also about learning more about our crafts and each other, and about how to balance things a little better and how to work together more efficiently.

Most importantly, we are extremely grateful to be able to work together and to have so much fun doing it.  Obviously, this is ALL thanks to our wonderful clients and our friends and family, who throughout this inaugural year of FedorovFoto, have supported us, encouraged us, made fun of us, worried for us and with us, and inspired us to do this crazy thing – start our own businesses and love every minute of it :)!  If you could see how giddy we get from every wedding or portrait inquiry that we get, or from every additional Facebook Fan, or comment that is left, you would understand just how big of an impact you all have made and how empowering it is!

So, before we get cracking on all those exciting 2011 plans, we decided to take a quick look back and re-cap some of our favorite images!  As always, please comment and let us know what you think….Thanks again and we wish you all a fantastic New Year!!!

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