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Harriet+Zoran | Proposal | Central Park, NYC

When a few weeks ago Zoran contacted me inquiring if I would be available to photograph his proposal I was extremely excited.  I have always wanted to photograph a proposal but up to now never had the opportunity! The guys are from Ohio but were coming to NYC for a few days and Zoran decided to propose while in New York. I even got to choose a location that I thought will work well 🙂

This is the probably the longest engagement post I have ever done – partially  because I am so excited about this shoot and partially because the guys are so photogenic that it was very hard to narrow down the selection.

Part of the challenge was that we did not get a chance to meet prior to the shoot so we had to rely on photos to recognize each other :).  The second part of the challenge was not to slip up and give the game away to Harriet 🙂


Once Harriet figured out that she is on camera she tried really hard not to cry 🙂

Bling, bling 🙂

The day before the shoot NYC got hit with a freak snow storm – I believe that was the first time in 50 years we got snow so early in the year. I was freaking out a bit the day before and checking the forecast throughout the day –  I was soooo excited and was hoping mother nature would cooperate 🙂

Loooove this shot 🙂 Zoran was working as a voice controlled light stand behind Harriet 🙂

Another one of my favorites from this shoot.

Zoran on top of the world, with a beautiful woman if not kissing at least hugging his feet 🙂

Could not decide which shot I prefer …

Later that day we met for a few more shots in Times Square.  Luckily for me, Natalia came with me to help and to meet Harriet and Zoran.

Natalia being awesome – its not easy to block just enough of the flash, to create a narrow band of light, just using your fingers 🙂


Funny story:  While we were trying to coordinate the shoot, Zoran and I kept texting each other.  To help him recognize me, I mentioned that I am wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and have a big camera, hoping the camera would be a giveaway  – stupid me… A few minutes before our agreed time I get a text – “we are right behind you, I am in a tan jacket.”  I turn around and yep – there is a couple walking toward me – the guy is in tan jacket… did not seem very similar to the photos I got from Zoran … but I am thinking – I guess the photos just were not as accurate as I thought – happens… So I get ready… and feeling very puzzled, watch the couple walk right past me without even blinking an eye :).  Meanwhile a hundred feet away Zoran was freaking some guy out, who was also in a black jacket, blue jeans and a large camera in hands, by making all kinds of faces at him while hiding that from Harriet 🙂 🙂 – Moral of the story – a black jacket and blue jeans is not the smart combination if you want to be recognized 🙂 🙂  And  in NYC, even a large camera is not really a giveaway…

Zoran – thank you so much for having me photograph your proposal.

Harriet – thank you for being an amazingly photogenic subject and making my job so easy!!





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