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Hayley & Slim | Wedding | Seattle, WA

I’ve known Hayley and Slim for awhile now and they even got to be my guinea pigs for a personal project when I was experimenting with dancers and unusual lightening setups 🙂

As a result, I was delighted and honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. Hayley & Slim met while studying at the Alvin Ailey Dance School in New York and even though the guys continue to live in NYC, Hayley was born and raised in Seattle and Slim hails from Brazil. So, when it came to wedding planning – they decided the only possible solution was to have two festivities – one in Seattle and one in Brazil!

This was a wedding filled with laughter, tears and some pretty awesome dancing :)… Hope you two had an amazing time in Brazil!!!!  Welcome back and enjoy the photos!   620A7138620A7148620A7147IMG_0946620A7149620A7250620A7293620A7301620A7308620A7339620A7368620A7369620A7397620A7398620A7399620A7399a620A7399b Best man – as comfortable holding flowers as he is holding slim 🙂 🙂 620A7429620A7399c620A7551620A7478620A7520-2620A7553620A7533620A7638620A7644620A7897620A7899620A7962620A8290620A8304620A8352 First Dance – as done by two professional dancers 🙂 🙂 620A8380620A8420620A8442620A8475620A8488620A8557620A8627620A8845620A8846620A8893620A8993620A9010620A9085620A9097620A9134-2620A9196620A9141-2620A9155-2620A9274-2620A9222620A9317620A9330 Absolutely love the photo below !! It was one of those lucky captures where you shoot in a really dark room almost without seeing whats in the frame, and then when you see what you got you go – WOW!! 🙂 620A9428620A9457620A9470620A9608620A9712620A9755620A9898620A9907 We do live in the age of selfies 🙂 🙂 620A0085

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