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Wedding FAQ

What to expect:

To us weddings are a celebration of a very sacred commitment. We feel honored to be a participant in every wedding we shoot and treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect and care. Most of all, weddings are a day filled with beauty, joy, laughter and tears that emerge effortlessly. We believe our job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way – unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully.

How would you describe your style?

Our style is really a hybrid. We have so many inspirations that come from so many different places and try to implement them in our images. We love the raw emotion of photojournalism and the seductive, mysterious look of fashion photography. In short, our style is something we like to call “fashion photojournalism”. We believe in romantic lighting, incredible backgrounds and choosing locations very carefully. As far as our photojournalistic side-we never interrupt a moment. We never pose situations that are already so magical on their own. We are an observer most of the time with very limited intrusion only when it is desired to achieve a particualar artistic vision.

We love your style but would love to have some traditional portraiture.  Is this something you do?

We also do traditional portraiture at most of our weddings. Even the most modern brides still want the heirlooms that family portraiture creates. We do not, however, conduct portrait sessions in a traditional way. Instead, they are very loose, fun, and show off your personality. We will spend only 20 to 45 minutes on any posed photographs out of a typical 7 to 9 hour day.


Portrait FAQ

What to expect:

When you book your session we will discuss with you what is the goal of the project, the best location and time. Based on those items we will suggest the clothing that might work well and send you a sample color palette to assist you with your choice.

Every portrait or family session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.
Within 7 days I will email you a link to your own, password protected web page with selected images for you to pick your prints or digital options. The web page will remain accessible for 6 months. If you need any prints or reprints after that period please call or email me.

What to wear:

The main goal of a photography session is to capture YOU. So I always recommend wearing clothing that you are comfortable in, whether  that is ripped jeans or a tuxedo …

While individual styles vary a great deal – following a few simple rules should work for most people, but please remember that these are suggestions and not requirements…

1. For a classic and  timeless look simple clothing is best. Solid colored clothing works very well. Avoid stripes, or busy patterns that could date the image years from now – instead think about blending textures to achieve the most natural look. Unless you are a sponsored athlete stay away from clothing with large company logos – not only is it distracting, but why become a free advertisement ? 🙂

2. I always recommend to bring at least 2 different outfits. Definitely bring several colorful outfits for small kids.

3. Accessories can really make a difference – whether it be jewelry, different shoes, scarves, or your favorite hand bag 🙂

4. Feel free to bring any props that have a meaning to you in your life – your favorite guitar or your vintage motorcycle… Just please make sure it is appropriate to the season and location – so no skis on the beach shoot 🙂

5. If possible, get your hair and make-up professionally done – it really makes a difference. Again just make sure the makeup and hair is appropriate to what we are looking to achieve – so no stage make-up for a beach shoot 🙂

6. Ladies –  if the shoot is outside and you are wearing high heels, please make sure to bring a pair of flats in case we end-up walking a lot.



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