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Jen + Ron | Wedding | Cranberry Inn, NJ

A couple of weeks ago, right outside of Princeton New Jersey, Natalia and I discovered what it takes for a couple to have the weather Gods be on their side on their wedding day.  Because we all know that there were probably a total of 3 dry days this entire summer – or at least it felt like that.  But… if you fall into this criteria, you should have no problem:

  • Gorgeous Bride who is also one of the nicest people you will meet
  • A Handsome Groom who is cool, charming and knows a lot about photography (clearly, that should be on every necessary criteria list)
  • High School Sweethearts that I are still so madly in love you almost wish to be back in High School yourself in hopes that they will rub off on you somehow
  • The Best Family Members….period
  • The Coolest and most hip group of High School and College friends, who goof around, strike all sorts of funky poses, look like CIA agents with a camera and come to the rescue when an army of ants attacks your wedding dress
  • Have an incredibly loving, inspiring and humble wedding service at the Church of St. Charles Barromeo with Pastor Msgr. Gregory E. S. Malovetz
  • A White Limo and an awesome dude driving it 🙂
  • Did we mention cool friends and wonderful family – who all know how to make it one…super…fun…party!!!

Jen and Ron – you guys rock!!!  Really :).  We had such an incredible time and can’t thank you enough.  Hope you like the photos and that you keep in touch!  We are always up for that under water shoot or anything else creative and adventurous (we throw very subtle hints ;)).

Couple’s personal secret service agent (monopod mounted laser canon with audio guidance system 🙂 )

Highschool where it all started 🙂

So you are a bride on your wedding day and your skirt is attacked by ants. And what is your brand new husband doing while your girlfriends are wrestling with invaders??? 🙂 🙂

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