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Magi + Adam | Wedding | Grand Prospect Hall | Brooklyn, NY

Adam and Magi are very calm and patient (at least they always were around me when we initially met and during our engagement shoot!) – so, seeing them both so excited, nervous and anxious before their wedding  was wonderfully adorable! 🙂  Adam arrived at least 30 minutes before Magi, and when we came into the office of the Grand Prospect Hall, was nervously occupying himself with the final paperwork and answering his cell phone that would ring every few minutes.  The minute Magi entered the building, although the nervous energy doubled, somehow things instantly felt calmer.  Despite the numerous last minute things that still had to be done before the ceremony, they could finally focus on the only thing that mattered the most that day – getting married!

I know that I say this a lot, but its true – we are so lucky to work with such wonderful people as these two.  They are incredibly kind, funny and warm and love life and each other.  Although in Adam’s case, it can’t be that hard.  Just look at how gorgeous Magi is, and that smile … Natalia and I couldn’t take our eyes off of that incredible smile while going through the photos!

Magi and Adam – thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful day!  Hearing your friends talk and sing about your wonderful personalities and how much you complement each other, as well as all your travels together, your great times at Fire Island and your love for the Mets was really fun, because it gave us a sense of getting to know you guys better and that we love.  However, at the end of the day all we have to do is look through these photographs and the emotion that jumps off the screen tells us all that we need to know.  That you two are fantastic and meant for each other!!!  And that makes us smile…. almost as beautifully as Magi 🙂

Adam doing his James Bond impersonation to the right 🙂

Photo below was taken by Natalia while I was taking the photo above.  Talk about different perspectives 🙂

You know the dancing floor was super fun when this happens 🙂

Our awesome guest book in action! 🙂

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