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Nodari Revia | Metropolitan 2010 Bodybuilding Competition

First I would like to say that competitive bodybuilding is the most masochistic sport I know of 🙂

This post is completely and totally dedicated to my best friend Nodari Revia 🙂
Nodar took 3rd place in the men’s open heavyweight division… – CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I have partial coverage of the whole event – I was there mostly to provide moral support and photograph Nodar.
So I am only posting pictures that involve him… and one other that to me is in the “… priceless” category 🙂
The competition is divided into 2 parts: Morning pre-judging and qualification and Evening main event.

Morning – sign-in

The delightfully orange person is Nodar – the huge dude in the white t-shirt is his occasional trainer Paul

Getting Weighted…

Nodar managed to place into Heavyweight category – he made it in by only 2 pounds – which completely freaked him out as that meant he would be the lightest guy in his category. On the morning of competition he weighted 201 (keep in mind that his normal weight is around 225 – which should tell you how much effort goes into dieting and pre-competition dehydration that all of those  guys went through)

Morning Pre-Judging

Main Evening event

Award ceremony 🙂

And for the final photo:

Bikini – 200 dollars
Tanning Oil – 20 dollars
Hair & make-up – 100 dollars
Having two guys stare at your ass while they are oiling you – PRICELESS 🙂

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