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Sabrina + Mike | Wedding | Falkirk Estate and Country Club

Sabrina and Mike’s wedding was just a week after Sandy hit the east coast.  I don’t think I have ever been this nervous driving to a wedding – although we thankfully, didn’t get directly affected by Sandy, the hurricane certainly threw our area for a loop with the gasoline shortage. We were pretty sure we had enough gas to get to the wedding, but we definitely wouldn’t have had enough gas to get home and there was no gas to be had in NY that weekend :(.  Luckily for us, the gas rationing in NJ enabled Natalia to get gas, while I was hanging out with the ladies and having a great time ;)… Despite any concerns, the wedding went off without a hitch and was incredibly fun – to a large degree thanks to Sabrina & Mike’s coordinator Lori Baron as well as their wonderful families.  This was the second wedding we photographed that was organized by Lori and she is great!  She is one of the few that manages to keep everything perfectly on time, allowing everyone to have a blast and not worry about anything.  With Lori, one definitely could not be in a more capable hands!

Meet the beautiful Sabrina and her posse 😉

Mike’s sisters – the whole family has a healthy sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh at themselves 🙂 – and we love folks that have a good time!

How cool are those custom suits all the girls had for the wedding! 🙂

Meanwhile – over at Mike’s parents’ home…. the boys were having a great time as well

First time in my life I was tempted to eat a place card … or two 🙂

Mike – I bet you did not know that you will an obstacle course as a part of your marriage ceremony? 😉

The Bridal suite had some pretty fearsome guardians … tough, buff and armed with deadly weapons…

Out of the whole wedding one of the most memorable moments for me was the father – daughter dance. There was so much love and pride on Steven’s face!!! And her mom watching with pride, happiness and a touch of sadness…

Mike’s dad decided that to give Sabrina a son is not enough – so he got her a teddy bear as well 🙂 – apparently she has a whole collection of those dangerous animals 🙂

Sabrina’s mom boogying 🙂 🙂

Sabrina & Mike – You guys are awesome!  We loved hanging out with you and your families and cannot thank you enough for including us.  We look forward to hearing what the future brings for you two!



Wedding Dress- Kleinfeld’s Bridal by Alita Graham
Florist- Flowers by David Anthony
Venue- Falkirk Estate
Wedding Rings/Engagement rings- The Jewelry Box
Band- Cafe Wha?
Make up- Asif Zaidi
Hair- Teresa Adams
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