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Vicky + John | Wedding | NYC City Hall

Vicky and John are one of the sweetest couples I have had the privilege of working with so far.  Vicky met John on her visit from her native Costa Rica and it turned out that John is of Costa Rican descent as well (his mom is from there) and it didn’t take these two long to realize that they have a lot more in common than just their heritage and want to spend their lives together.  Vicky and John have an abundance of warmth and openness that makes one feel instantly welcome.  That instant friendliness is something that you often experience in Latin America but is rarely seen in New York.  And no – New Yorkers are really not as mean as most people claim, but most of us are not nearly as nice as Vicky and John either.  The guys chose to have a small and intimate wedding with only immediate family present. Vicky’s mom and sisters came from Costa Rica and John’s family travelled all the way from Brooklyn and Queens 🙂

After the quick City Hall ceremony, the family had their own small but much more meaningful ceremony in the Wedding Garden right outside the clerks office… And then everybody walked a few blocks to the restaurant Brick, that served an amazing 5 course dinner (though it seemed like at least  10 courses – the amount of food was overwhelming – at least for me 🙂 ). This was the first wedding where I didn’t just get fed great food, but I had a seat at the table designated to me, and received a party favor, just like all the guests.  The guys absolutely insisted on me joining them for the dinner – not as their photographer, but as a friend at their wedding.

Vicky and John, I know I have said it before, but you are both wonderful people and I am grateful to have met you.   I only wish Natalia would have had a chance as well :).  You guys have a lot to celebrate and congratulations again on your beautiful and fun wedding day.  Here is to your new family, to Vicky’s new life in the United States and to Vicky’s new business – good things always come in Three !!!


  • Victoria

    It is going to be a VERY tough task selecting photos! We LOVE them all!!!

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH!
    We were already happy with the whole process, our first meeting and how you received us and customized a package for our personal needs; then the amazing and very (facebook) commented love-blossoms-in spring photo session, and finally the photo journey on our WONDERFUL wedding day…

    But now, we are in absolute awe to see the results of such a creative, dedicated, integral professional and now great friend! We REALLY can’t thank you enough!!! It was a delight being your target!!! 😉

    Thank you so much for joining us and enjoying the company of our families! It was my pleasure to include you with a custom made favor (in Spanish “recuerdo” which means a reminder/memory). Everyone had to have a gift since you were the capturer of the memories of this AMAZING day!!! My only regret is that we don’t have a photo with you!!! 🙁

    As for meeting Natalia, don’t worry…we are not going anywhere! We would love to meet her too! Maybe then we can take a picture…even if it is with a tripod!

    Hugs and keep spreading the joy and love with your gift!

    PS: John is 100% tico…his Dad was born in Costa Rica too!ReplyCancel

  • meyi (vicky´s little sister)

    alex so cool meeting you!

    let me start saying the BEST beer in the world is Costa Rican beer IMPERIAL…don´t forget that…

    Thanks for capturing one of the best moments our family has ever had, you wouldn’t imagine what this wedding means to all Costa Rican family…believe me, all your pictures will be around us forever.

    When I saw this pictures you made me breathe deeply and a tear came throw my cheek, I felt I was just there again…
    Thanks for being so sweet… we really enjoyed your company in the table and I think we had a blast all together that´s why we all welcome you to our family…

    Titi (older sister) is glad you captured her that specific angle…she´s really thankful of that detail you had with her… 🙂
    Mom is so happy with the pictures and it´s results, she said you made her one of the best memory´s…which will last forever…
    Thanks again Alex and good luck with your business…


    • admin

      Thank you Meyi,
      It was such a pleasure meeting all of you 🙂 !!! And I am very glad that I was a part of Vicky and John’s wedding.
      Best beer though still comes from Belgium 🙂 🙂 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Frank (John's Brother)

    You da man Alex!ReplyCancel